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Bridges - A song by Simon Baum

In this music world which in my opinion is totally over saturated with meaningless content, it's refreshing to come across an artist like Simon Baum. I heard his song " Bridges " and really felt it should be shared…

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Interesting Facts about Meditation Music

Music is a soul language, a powerful instrument that can heal and rejuvenate. The range of vocal tones that are under the label of music is incredible. The sounds of nature may top the list with its unusual repertoire of…

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This new instrument I have fallen in love with

Ah...The Guitalele...

Its got the sweet tone of a Ukulele and the harmonic range of a Guitar.

I was found a dear soulmate in this beautiful instrument. A number of new compositions are coming through as I explore this little…Read more

Wololo Audio's kind gesture

A big thanks to Wololo Audio for featuring an article about my work. Reaching out to the world seems more and more possible with wonderful efforts like these. 

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