Bridges - A song by Simon Baum 

In this music world which in my opinion is totally over saturated with meaningless content, it's refreshing to come across an artist like Simon Baum. I heard his song " Bridges " and really felt it should be shared and spread far and wide. Music is such a powerful medium and it's heartening to see that there are still some songwriter's that are trying to spread peace love and harmony through their songs.

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Discover calm and relaxing music to soothe your restless mind 

Calm Relaxing Music on my YouTube Channel


Music holds the remarkable ability to soothe pain, mend broken hearts, and uplift moods. It can charm its way into any stubborn mind, helping it relax after being wired up all day. This is why I created this channel. All of us, when we enter into any given space have a specific goal that we are trying to achieve. 

For some, that might be finishing homework, studying for an exam, getting chores done, writing, meditating, or trying to successfully fall asleep. But research has repeatedly shown that our ambiance can have a huge impact on our productivity. 

My videos are meant to relax you and help your brain focus on getting whatever it is that you need to get done. It's meant to melt away the stressors of your everyday life, that can otherwise pose as distractors keeping you from getting things done. We live in an unpredictable world with volatile emotions. There are many things trying to steal our attention, trying to get a hold on us with their claws of negativity. Giving in to those thoughts and opinions is just a self-defeating action. Calming music like the ones found in this channel can help you reshift that focus and energy to what really matters. 

Using the tracks on this channel as the backdrop will enhance the ambiance of your external environment, while also inspiring positive thoughts in your inner body. These are meant to create peace inside your body and mind so that you can be completely ready to take on the world with a focused and positive mind that is invincible. 

Our reality is the mirror reflection of our inner well being. My music is meant to help increase your frequency to one that of success and harmony. So both your inner and outer worlds can blend seamlessly. 

No matter who you are, where you are from, or what your goal is, there is something that will resonate with everyone in this channel. Hope my videos act as little drops of peace and calmness throughout your day helping you unwind when you really need to.



Deep Sleep Meditation Music 

Some forms of music have profound healing effects. On our new YouTube Channel "Meditation Music Hub," you will find audio that will guide you into a deep, restful sleep during those times when your mind is busy and overactive. The initial frequencies commence at Alpha before quickly descending down through the Theta and Delta regions, which are known for their calming, sedative-like effects.

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Interesting Facts about Meditation Music 

Music is a soul language, a powerful instrument that can heal and rejuvenate. The range of vocal tones that are under the label of music is incredible. The sounds of nature may top the list with its unusual repertoire of birds chirping and streams, roaring lions and mosquitoes buzzing and more. These sounds are what attracts us and refresh us when we spend time with nature. Yoga and meditation are some other natural methods of relaxation and de-stressing. The powerful songs associated with mediation, especially "OM" is a special mention here. While mediation-music may have religious connotations and is often religion-specific, modern meditation is incomplete without music. 

What is the music of meditation

Have you ever wondered how meditation helps us relax? Deeply spiritual, even if it is not unique to religion, the music associated with modern meditation still touches the soul. The lingering threads of music seep deep into our soul and heal the pain. Therefore, regular mediation is a positive influence on our lives. Melodious sounds penetrate deeply into us and generate a sense of well-being. It may be just the lingering strains of a sitar or the disturbing melodies of the violin, or the vibrant chanting of 'OM.' This music heals and calms and helps restore inner balance, which helps promote good health and a happy mind. 

Re-stressing and relaxing with music 

Meditation centres around the world offer us the opportunity to relax in the most comforting way possible. It is perhaps the first sounds we hear. As babies, we sleep as we listen to the soft music of our mother's heartbeats. The lullabies of our childhood always help us to relax, regardless of our age and irrespective of the situation. Drawing inspiration from ancient music throughout the world, such as medicine songs of healers throughout the ages, oracles prayer chants, tribal music and every sound that nurtures Mother Nature, modern music Of age for meditation weaves magic to take us through time and restore In all possible ways. 

Releasing the Mighty Mind through Music 

What we can carry with us can be compared to a capsule that can help us restore the life force and the frightened life that gives energy within. Music contributes to healing the scars and negativity in our soul and makes us more complete and balanced. It is natural for our soul to console itself as nothing more. The intensity and beauty of music move us to a higher plane. uplifting melodies help take the listener towards a better life.

Meditation Music Hub - our new channel featuring High Quality music with binaural beats and isochronic tones  

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce our new meditation music channel " Meditation Music Hub ".

With a combination of high-quality ambient down tempo music and brainwave entrainment frequencies, we present to our new channel for your ultimate well-being. 


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