Hear the best Lofi music on Youtube

If you like Lofi Girl then this channel will surely appeal to you. The best Lofi music in 2022


We're all familiar with the the likes of LoFi girl.

Have you ever wondered why Lofi music sounds so good. Well, there is strong evidence to suggest that calm beats, warm harmonies and soulful melodies have a nourishing affect on us as human beings.

After the huge success of Lofi Girl as a Youtube channel, curator and label, a number of similar platforms sprung up in no time.

It can be hard to to filter out the best amongst the many Lofi music channels out there...

If you're studying, working, relaxing, going on a long drive then their is no better companion that a wonderful Lofi music playlist

If you just see the number of channels and videos on Youtube with Lofi music as the theme, you'd be amazed and it can get overwhelming sometimes.

One channel that totally stands out in the Lofi music space has got to be Mimi Lofi Chill

Here is one playlist that features my work. It is great as study music. You can use it to relax, have a cup of tea or coffee, get some work done. It just sets the right mood.

Hope you like it and decide to share and subscribe to this wonderful channel dedicated to the best Lofi music.

Study Music Playlist

A great 24 hr long Lofi Music playlist dedicated to your study time. Enjoy...